by Jogging

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Released through the Richter Collective on 2nd May 2010. Available in all good record stores or from richtercollective.com


released May 2, 2010

Produced by Eoin Whitfield, James Eager & Jogging at Hive Studios in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow. Mastered by TJ Lipple at his home studio in Washington, DC. Artwork by Eleanor McCaughey. Contact joggingband@gmail.com



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Threadbare
Crop the photo's edges until it's just profile of a solar plexus.
No background cast or smiles.
No members, no cast, no members to remember

Wearing out your welcome, this welcome mat's threadbare.
Danced off every molecule, this ligament will tear.

And the world is walking out the door,
And I raise my eyes in relief,
And I raise my eyes to my glass,
And I raise my glass to my teeth
And erase the past two weeks

Wash this filthy witness and in this filth you'll drown.
Withholding information but I'll hold it in my mouth.
This skin, these limbs, extraneous skin

A pigeon off its stool, more likely on a deckchair.
As sterile as a mule. On the outskirts of a crosshair

It's visible, not transparent.
There, it's threadbare.
And I've worn out my welcome here
With conviction, not carnival.
I'm snowblind in the sun but get sunburnt in the snow

I can see through you, we will see this through.
This invisibility, it constantly eludes me because there's nothing to see.
Give me some transparency please
Track Name: Not Simple
Simple isn’t simple face your future.
Everybody’s laughing at your name.
I’ll be holding everybody’s attention.
You’ll be hurt when none of this remains.

You made your bed now lie in it.
Even if it's made of old napkins

Sometimes we don’t see the simple answers.
Sometimes problems seem more than they seem.
Truth be told I've seen the ending coming.
But I held on in such disbelief.

Now face the truth.
You’ll be better off without it.
Everybody’s laughing at your weakness.
Everybody’s laughing at your name

What's to say what's not not to say?

You made your bed now lie in it.
Even if it's made of old napkins.
There's a sheet on the floor which you spurned for more.
Now lie with your lies and their filthy brethren
Track Name: Fostered Foes
It's easier to build a youth than to mend a man, I know that much is true.
Cream and bastards rise to top, the rest just gathers down here with the slop.
Your skin looks tired, your tongue is cold. If hard luck could kill, would you want me to know?
Manners cost the upper hand, the rest of us paddle t'wards dry land.

It's easier to tell the truth than to sit on a lie, that's a folly of youth.
Bled of seed, rid of mind. Empty of all yet you want me to find?
Empty pockets, empty hands. First in line to be second in command
Your eyes are crossed, your legs are closed. You chose all your friends but you fostered your foes.

Half-browsing in the twilight, a duck-step and lean right.
Remember your birth, a hackjob for what it's worth
Track Name: Shattered Knees
A diamond seal on a glass heel.
Which shatters sight and destroys your kneel
It's two long then two short for too long. It's over

It's over, i think it's over
Jumping over conclusions sober and withheld

The bonnet sags, the jetset lags.
When the suntan fades we drop the flags
We retreat faster than they advance.
Good manners cost the upper hand

A fly trapped in amber, it's a gold-lined chamber.
When there is no struggle, there is no danger
This donkey skin i've been living in.
When the struggle ends, circus begins

Now I'm walking back the gangplank
And it's shattered, that matters!
And these sharks, they keep moving
And it's shattered, that matters!
Now I'm crawling back the gangplank and these things, they are swarming
Track Name: Shape Up Shakedown
A culture built on tolerance.
Mocked by simple insolence.
Bullies carry broken homes.
Youth abandoned, youth unknown.
Such a wicked family.
Producers of a mighty seed.
Barely legal, born adrift.
Miscreants to pacifists.
And what’s the answer, I don’t know.
Broken wills and angry souls.
Such a twisted family.
A life that leads to tragedy

Time in sieve hands drips through like sand

Hello blissful ignorance.
Turned your back on confidence.
Worthless parents couldn’t care for the welfare of their heirs.
Every chance that they will take.
Continue to compound their fate.
Burn their bridges, bite the hand.
Quietly hated by every man.
And what’s the answer, I don’t know.
Build a shelter, build a home.
What a wicked family.
A life that leads to tragedy

You can say but you don't know.
When you forego the umbrella, there's a certain drenched dignity.
The balloon, balloon has popped.
This balloon, balloon's been pinned before it was even inflated.
Shape up, shakedown!

For us it’s a different fate.
A chance for us to take.
Focus on who we’ll be.
Empire or a monarchy.
Everyone has different dreams.
Some become reality.
The scene of every crime.
Blamed upon the rank and file.
And everybody you don’t know.
Changes how you cope.
Create a different time.
Understand the truth in life.

Awkward words make ok words afterwards.
Track Name: Bruises Like Bow-Ties
You blew me away but not in that good way.
You blew me away like leaves falling from limp trees
Even on the chessboard i'm a joker, even on the chessboard i'm the joker on hiatus

If I went to punch a window just to prove a point it'd punch back, it'd punch back
If I went to punch a window just to prove a point it'd punch back until my eyes crack

Kisses like bruises.
Bruises like bow-ties.
Bow-ties like eyesores.
Eyesores as currency.

Tempers rise like temperature.
These same tempers fall like timber
Even on the chessboard i'm a joker, in the lumber-yard a ballerina.
Oh I hate us!
Track Name: Cleft Chin, Good Heart
It's not love, but it's affection.
It's disgust, but it's attention
I've got blood on my hands.
I've got blood in my eyes

I've got blood on my hands.
I've got blood in my eyes

A cleft chin, a good heart.
A cleft chin, a good heart
I've got blood on my hands.
I've got blood in my eyes
Track Name: Lifeline
Fuck it, I need a plan.
Like channelling a source, supply! demand!
Trace it on my palm.
A rough guide to life and it’s still changing.

Wasted all my time.
Chasing all my dreams left far behind.
Take me by the hand.
These things that you said you know they mean nothing.
Cut it from your mind.
Like cancer of a thought now turned benign

When you're born at night it's your birthright, you always win.
When we return as ghosts why would you haunt where you've never been?
Track Name: Heartwood
Rounding over.
Attracting insects.

Banding the puppy's tail.

Why’d you come up to my house?
Should have found another.

Pounding the fontanelle.

Spend your life cutting down trees.
Make it look so easy.

Stressed stressed stressed!

Now look at what you have done.
Felled another one.
Constant cropping leaves less leaves.
Killed an autumn scene.

Cutting so as not to get caught up in the brush but nothing to show some pride or to be brusque.

A manx dog, like a manx dog.
A topped tree, like a topped tree.
Exposing the heartwood.
Track Name: Curtains
Minutes spending minutes til the minute's gone
Minutes being minutes so the timing's wrong
Doubling up on minutes cuz its all the rage
Rethinking all the minutes, ripping your own page

A curtain's not a curtain unless it's closed.
By definition - curtain. The curtain rose.
A person's not a person until they're clothed.

Eternity is injured and then where does it go?
Time and tide may wait, but not for no man, no.
Who'll be there?
Time will talk in time, it needs no questioning
We may find in time that it can surely sing
"Well, take care"

Minutes lapping minutes til they've overlapped.
Minutes doubting minutes 'til the months are sapped.
Minutes counting minutes cuz it's reached that stage
These minutes aren't infinite. Accelerating age.

Howling at the moon while thumbing up your nose
You're shouting at your shoes while shredding all your clothes
Take care.
We'll be there.